Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It is a beautifully sunny day today. As always sunny days means that the library is fairly quiet. Everyone goes to the beach or just play outside. There is so much to see and do in the Rhode Island/Connecticut area. Within a thirty minute ride, I can visit the Newport mansions, Walk the 19th century streets of Mystic Seaport. I can traipse through woods or beach comb sparkling the white and black sands of Long Island Sound.

Or if I wish, I can pull up a chair at a breachway and watch the boats as I read or cross stitch away on a project. Another place that is a favorite of mine is Patchaug State Forest in Voluntown, CT. There are wooded trails with nooks in which to park and while away the hours communing with Mother Nature. I love suspending time in these places.

I try to keep a small cross stitch project in my bag along with a good book for just such occasions. Unfortunately, these moments have been sparse this year. Perhaps I should start making resolutions at the beginning of each season or at least ar New Year's and Midsummer. This would allow the time to recollect my passage through the year so far and refocus myself for the next period. No this isn't to make a to-do list to add pressure but rather a evalution of what truely matters to me to insure that I don't over tax myself.

I find that I can go either way. I either put too much pressure on myself by taking on way too many projects or I flounder and become stagnic. I honestly don't know which could be worse. One is counter productive and the other is a waste.

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