Sunday, June 8, 2014

Guess what folks, I am a terrible blogger. It has been almost two years since I posted. There has a lot of water over the dam since then. I'd moved back to Quonochontaug from 16 + years in Westerly.

 I am learning to live with all of my health issues. I fell in February while walking across my living room and spent 39 days in a nursing and rehab center healing and building strength so I can walk with a walker. Climbing stairs is still a bit difficult especially the top step, but going down is easy.  My left leg is still black and blue, it started out as brackish purple as I have seen a bruise from above my knee down to the foot. The bruise now only under my knee.

I find I have to knit or stitch in spurts, so my projects are going slowly. My right wrist tends to ache if I overuse it holding a needle.  Right now I am still working on Julia's sweater. I have started washcloths for the Washington County Pomona Fair Country Store and The Country Store at the New England Grange Building at the Big E.

I am still stitching on Brooke Nolan' s Spirit of Christmas Baking. I have the skirt done but not the apron. I have to post some photos.

Last year, both of my brothers were diagnosed with cancer. CEP had bladder cancer. Yes, unfortunately, it is had because he went home to be with his Lord and our parents this April. Last October, LBP was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his lung. He underwent chemo and radiation treatment during the holidays. He is now celebrating remission.

All through this, I have been supported by the most wonderful husband and friend. We have the mostest grandchildren. If I told you about them, you would say that I was lying. LOL Needless to say, I enjoy anytime I can spend with them.