Saturday, July 25, 2015


It's July 25th and time to report in. I am back stitching a little each day.

Monthly allotment. $25.00
Spent.                            0.00

Balance to be carried forward to August:  $25.00

I have been stitching on Brooke Nolan's "Katie Kitty" and her "Spirit of the Christmas Star."  Neither are anywhere near done but a few stitches each day and they will get done.
As you can see, it's about one-third done. I am stitching each day on a separate piece of 14 count aids. I want to turn into pockets on a banner. The banner will hopefully be finished in 18 months.  

This is the beginning of the Spirit of the Christmas Star.   This one is going slower because I seem to be having trouble with my counting. 

Today is a National Holiday here in the U.S. It is the National Thread the Needle Day. So as I raise my needle in salute, keep on stitching.