Monday, January 25, 2010

Harry Potter Exhibition

Yesterday, Amy took me to visit the Boston Museum of Science and the Harry Potter Museum.  Needless to say I was excited and a bit worried.  I was excited because I am a fan of J. K. Rowling and the World of Magic that she has created.  Maybe not as much of a fan as Amy but I rank high. 

I was a bit worried because of my health.  It had been a long time since I have been on a major trip as a round trip to Boston and more than an hour walking through the museum.  I enjoyed to the whole day.  Yes, I was tired and a bit stiff and shaky by the time we got in the car to return to RI but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  And the company was the best. The weather was cool but partly cloudy making the drive up and back great.

I discovered that I should not shut myself away from the world with the excuse that I can not do things because of my health. Yes, I will have good and some not so good days, maybe even a couple of lousy days but I can't let them stop me.  I must go out into the world and explore whenever possible and enjoy life.

The exhibit was fantastic.  If it comes near you, don't hestitate to go and see it.  My only regret was that we couldn't take pictures in the exhibit and they didn't have a couple of things outside the hall where we could mark our visit with personal pictures.  So there are no pictures of me sitting in Hagrid's chair or Amy tossing the quaffle thorugh the hoop. We both pulled up the mandrake root. 

Now i can't wait until the next movie to come out.  I guess I will have to reread the books and rewatch the movies until then. 

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A suprising request.

Amy has showed off her new Gryffindor bag to her friends. I have been asked to knit another. Wow! I am so honored to think that the bag impressed them so. I take no credit for the design.

All that credit goes to a very talented lady: Rosemary Waits. She very graciously published the House Bag pattern on the Leaky Cauldron web site.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter and the World of Magic and haven't visited the Leaky Cauldron site yet, I urge you to do so today.  It is a fantastic site for all things Harry Potter.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's a frigid new year.

It is supposed to be in the single digits tonight so i thought I would update my blog with my snowy finish. This is a table runner which I stitched for my DIL, Erin. The design was originally
charted for a Biscornu.

So now that the New Year is here, it is back to work. I decided to set down my 2010 stitching goals. First, I am knitting a pair of mittens which Julia sweetly asked Grammy to knit for her. I couldn't refuse. I am knitting a hat for SIL's buddy. I want to knit myself a pair of gloves. My Cross Stitching list is a bunch of whimsies stitched upon plastic canv
as and Brooke Nolan's Sugar Plum Fairy which is stitched upon perforated paper. I have Cross Eyed Kat's Labyrinth, a Krenik stocking kit, my Monopoly board and a Parcheezi board in line. We will not talk about UFO's.

Unfortunately, my eyes have become so bad I can not stitch even on 14 count aida cloth. This March, I will see my eye specialist to set the date for my cataracts to be removed. Until then I am going to try to keep stitching by using plastic canvas or perforated paper.

The frigid temperatures haven't helped my joints. I seem to be more intolerant of the cold temperatures. My hands, back, hips, knees, and feet sometimes ache all at the same time and all I want to do is crawl under a ton of blankets and sleep until it is spring. My energy comes and goes. Most of the time, I run out of energy before I run out of things that need to be accomplished. So far I have been able to work and stay pretty much positive. I know that with Lupus I will have good days and bad days. I just pray for more of the good than the bad.

Besides, my grandchildren's smiles can bring me up on a down day and let me fly on a good day.

Amy's Christmas Gift

This is the Griffyndor Bag which I knitted for Amy. I will never forget her face when she unwrapped it Christmas Day. She told me that it took her breath away. I found the pattern on the Crafty pages of the Leaky Cauldron. It was designed by Rosemary Waits whom I thank muchly for sharing her talent.