Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Let's get my Stitching From Stash report over before we sit down for a chat.

My Balance January: $10.00
My Budget  February: $25.00
The  Balance.                 $35.00

Expenses. February

2 sheets perforated paper:    $ 6.13
Mini tractor ornie kit.              
Plus 8 skeins of DMC.             $7.07
TOTAL                                        $13.20

Balance carried over to March:    $21.80

I did not do very much stitching this month. I did some frogging.  But mostly I sat being blue because of the snow.

I feel sorry for Boston and its environs. That much snow has proven to be crippling.  For me, it is not the amount but the number of days we saw snowflakes falling. There has more snowy days than days with sunshine. And let's not talk about the cold temperatures because we are now contending with ice. Okay that's my rant for this month.

I am starting the Spirit of Christmas Past over again. It fell onto the wet, rock salt puddled kitchen floor. Oh well, I ordered the new perforated paper. I got it from Amazon. The price was good and arrived in days. Accidents do happen.

I also started the Spirit of the Christmas Star by Brooke Nolan. This will be a Christmas present.

I spent time deciding which small charts to kit up. I have a knight on a charger which I'd like to turn into a set of coasters. These appropriate because my last name is "Knight".  My high school mascot was a charger and my Junior College was the Knight's.