Monday, December 1, 2014

Advent Ramblings

Thanksgiving has come and gone. We are now in the Advent season. Although between the advertising on TV and the stocked shelves, one might think the Christmas season began back in September. I saw houses decorated and lit on Veteran's Day. IMO it just caters to greed.

I find that as I grow older; I find that my Christmas wish list is getting smaller. Yes, I still write a letter to Santa. Don't you?  Granted, I do give Bill a copy, but the original goes to the North Pole. This year's list is top heavy with cross stitching items including an Ott lamp plus several books. Yarn would be nice, of course.

So not only is the list getting smaller it's focus has been changing. Gone are the dolls and toys of childhood. Boy I sure loved my Dr. Kildare shirt. My BFF preferred Ben Casey. Our mothers made our shirts. We wore them proudly to school.

Over the summer I crocheted dish cloths for the Washington County Fair's country store. They want more so the cloths will be my take along project. I want to double the number I donate.

This year, I want stitch more of Brooke Nolan's Spirit angels. I spent the weekend attaching beads. This is the first time that I have used beads in my projects. I must admit that it was easier than I expected. I like the results. This is the apron pocket from Brooke's Spirit of Christmas Baking. It is a Christmas gift. So I will not post complete picture until the gift is given.

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