Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Week and Counting Until the Fair.

The Washington County Fair begins next Wednesday. I will be there for all five days. My Grange runs a food concession booth where we sell Saugies, burgers, Meatball grinders, Sausage & Pepper Grinders and Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Believe me, it gets hot in the kitchen.

But I will be on the opposite side of the fairgrounds in the Expo building, manning the State Grange Booth. I will be answering questions from the fairgoers about the Grange and what we are all about. I will pass out applications and hopefully receive some applications.

The fair is 42 years old and I think I have been involved with the fair in one way or another since the beginning. I can remember selling soda when I was 16 and the fair was only a couple of years old. Okay, do your math and you will have an approximate guess about my age.

Then after the fair, the library will be closed for two weeks for renovation preparation. They moving and condensing departments so half the building can be renovated while we are in the other half. Then we get to do it all again when we switch sides. I am taking a week off. I see a week of stitching and ice tea in my future. Whooo hooo can't wait.

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Jo said...

Hope the fair goes well for you. Bet you will need a week of stitching then so you enjoy yourself.